You need someone that you can trust
when giving them access to your website

Our webmaster service is something that we take very serious here at CMW. We know how important trust is when it comes to giving someone access to your website and the contents therein.

I am the owner of CMW and I have over twenty years in law enforcement; I stand behind the integrity of this business; you can be confident when putting your trust in us!

Todd A. Ruggeri
Owner, CheckMyWebsite.com

Web Design
This is the key to your success
and we can help you find the right look
Web Design

We can modify your current website design or help you create a whole new look.

You can also bring us a website template of your choice and we can customize it to your business needs.

CMS can also design your business a whole new logo; need a new look, let us help give your business a brand so that your customers recognize you at a glance.

Your business is important
your success may rely on your website

CMS understands that your success may rely on your marketing, which includes your website design. We value your success and hope that you suceed.

We know that success in marketing may mean the difference in your business' future - let us help create you a successful website for your business success!.

Todd A. Ruggeri
Owner, CheckMyWebsite.com

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to CheckMyWebsite.com (CMW)! Are you in need of a website or someone capable of making changes to an existing website? Well then, CheckMyWebsite is the answer!

One thing is for sure, there are hundreds of businesses that sell ready-made website templates. However, paying to have these templates modified and/or customized for your use is a very expensive, but necessary part to purchasing one of these website templates.

That is where we come in... CMW has the necceassry skills, software, experience and abilities to customize almost any website template that you purchase so that it fits your business needs.

So, take a look around and let us know what we can do for you! Let us help make your business successful by giving your website that 'professional' look that you've always wanted, but just could never afford.

Todd A. Ruggeri
Owner, CheckMyWebsite.com


“Save time, save
money, and get an
awesome Website!”
Paul Dalton, azhia.com


CMW has been building websites since 2003. We have experience in the following website design services; HTML, Flash, Wordpress, Javascript, Logo Artwork, Photography and more.


CMW will gladly provide you with references to verify our level of customer service and website design service; we have nothing to hide from our customers. Do your homework before you hire us; we encourage this!


We guarantee that you will get what you pay for when you hire CMW. Our owner has been in law enforcement for over 20 years; Integrity, honesty, and ethics are attributes that we live by every day and extend to our customers.


A new program that we just began in 7/2013 for all past cusomters; basically, if you refer us a new customer and they hire us, we will take $50 off of their final bill and you get your next website update from us for free*.
                 * minor restrictions apply.